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The i am POSI+IVE Campaign of YAFA Inc. was first launched in 2011 with funding support from the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. The campaign aimed to educate young Filipinos on HIV and AIDS by bringing in the voices of young key affected populations, and by putting a face to HIV issues by young Filipinos living with HIV.  The project trained 17 Youth Ambassadors of diverse backgrounds to become peer-educators and advocates on HIV and AIDS issues. During the campaign in 2011 and 2012, with a strong message on HIV prevention and breaking HIV-related stigma and discrimination, reached more than 20,000 young Filipinos across the country. These young people include students, young leaders, and young people in communities of Metro Manila, Tacloban, Cebu, Zamboanga, Davao, and Palawan.

The i am POSI+IVE Campaign included interactive lectures and symposium on HIV and AIDS, a testimony from a young Filipino living with HIV, and 'Chalk Board', which participants of the campaign wrote their HIV and AIDS messages for young people using a chalk on a board. The campaign also distributed more than 5,000 brochures and 200 posters on HIV and AIDS.

Former Youth Alliance of Filipino Advocates (YAFA) Inc  [2015-2018] and Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance (YAFA) Inc [2008-2015]