Former Youth Alliance of Filipino Advocates (YAFA) Inc  [2015-2018] and Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance (YAFA) Inc [2008-2015]

Y - Alliance of Filipino Advocates (YAFA) Inc.

Advocating for health, wellness, and rights of Young Filipinos!

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YAFA, Inc., an organization of young Filipinos for young people, recently launch its new name with a new mission and vision, a beginning of an era towards meaningful involvement of young Filipinos in various advocacy and activism. Find out how this change will benefit thousands of young Filipinos.

Phillip Palmos

Communication Arts graduate from Manila who uses singing, and acting in youth advocacy .

Rate of HIV infections is increasing, which is why we continue our efforts in educating our young people on HIV and AIDS. Devote a free time to spread awareness and help achieve an  AIDS-free generation.

Joymee Grajo

Physical Therapist from Muntinlupa City with a passion working for young women and girls.

Hope in Action



Find your inner power by helping others

Our Mission

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  • Team-building outings for young Filipinos
  • POSI+IVE Campaign
  • Involvement in XVIII IAC in Vienna, Austria
  • Youth Assemblies in Tacloban and Cebu

Urgent Projects

Locally, nationally and internationally, Y - Alliance of Filipino Advocates (YAFA) Inc. is a vocal advocate for the health, well-being, and rights of the Filipinos, particularly young people. We travel to every corner of the Philippines (and the globe) to help young Filipinos in need.

For more than a decade, Y - Alliance of Filipino Advocates (YAFA) Inc., formerly known as Youth Alliance of Filipino Advocates Inc. (2015-2018) and Youth AIDS Filipinas Alliance Inc., (2008-2015) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for Filipinos' rights, health, and welfare, including the young people, less fortunate, young Filipinos living with HIV, under-represented young Filipinos. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

June Santos Baes

BS Psychology graduate from Rodriguez, Rizal who dedicates his time providing counseling and TLC to young Filipinos.



  • Humanitarian needs in the Philippines
  • Supporting young people in Metro Manila
  • Partnership with the Manila Health Department
  • Involvement in XIX IAC in Washington, D.C.

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